“I took the initiative to write this article inspired by the decline of the House scene in Greece and the rise of RnB/Trap/Hip Hop.” “As a clubber myself in my teenage years and later as a DJ, I chose some ‘legendary House’ tracks that I heard, danced to, and played…”

“Many tears of emotion are anticipated with every click.”

Strictly House and Dance! Some of these legendary House tracks are known by their “nickname.” but, you don’t even remember their full name. However, one thing is certain: if you belong to the generation of the 90s and 00s who grew up in the best era of the house & dance music scene, you’ll know them all and have definitely grooved to their beats.

Some are authentic house tracks, others lean towards techno, and still others lean more towards electronic music and trance.

The point is that regardless of your precise musical identity, these are exactly the tracks you heard everywhere and always during your first steps in the clubs of the coast. Let’s put on our headphones and travel back in time with these legendary House tracks.

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1. HOG Presents The Groovelines – Got to dance disco

Or else, it’s “Funky disco, funky disco, funky disco,” whoa-oh-oh, and then it’s chaos.

2. One more time- Daft Punk

You heard it everywhere and always, until you got sick of it. Now, doesn’t a little tear of nostalgia roll down your cheek? Note: Obviously, if we only take the tracks from Daft Punk, we can make an entire CD dedicated to the 90s.

3. Funky Green Dogs – Fired Up

One of the most beloved, best, top of all time, from the distant 1996. The famous “You got me fired up, up up”

4. Jaydee – Plastic Dreams

It’s one of the tracks that “paved the way” for the flourishing of dance house music in the midst of the best music decade. “Plastic Dreams” can easily be described as a “classic.”

5. DJ Rolando – Knights Of The Jaguar

Many memories, and you can’t say anything else. I Understand you !

6. Celeda & Danny Tenaglia- Music Is The Answer

Epic, unparalleled, legendary, what can we say now.

7. Delirium- Silence

A historic track that left an indelible mark on our nights. One of the most recognizable songs of the era, a true all-time classic.

8. Music sounds better with you- Stardust

One of the most Privilege(d) songs on the list.

9. Wamdue Project – King of My Castle

There must be a reason, indeed. and its called King Size.

10. Sia – Drink To Get Drunk

And of course, you did exactly what the song commanded.

11. I.D.F.- Kamasutra

Guys, now we’re talking about a huge uproar as soon as the first note of “Kama Sutra” was heard. “Destijl” times at the Eirinikos… For those who know.

12. Deepswing – In The Music

In one word: adoration.

13. Africanism – Edony (Clap Your Hands)

King Size and not only, of course. One of the most melodic and widely played songs of the era. Do you hear, 23-year-old? I’m listening, you have to say

14. Dj Djaimin ft. Jamie – Nothing matters at all

If I push myself a bit, I might even shed tears at the first note of this top-notch track, one of the last remnants of our music era.

15. Jason Downs – Cherokee ( John Creamer Stephane K remix)

I saved my favorite for last as it reminds me of my teenage years when I used to party at the Venue… It must have been 2003 in Varkiza when I started following the dance scene…


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